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The newest peices that I have had time to sketch up, color, or scan in. Enjoy! ^-^



new NCC by Star-Rice
new NCC
Sourt of proud, designing her and completing this only took an hour and a half, not that there is much to her, but still proud i'm getting my proficiency back. 

This is my newest character for AAA, her name is Bietra (Bee-eh-tra) and she's a valcon NCC (non-companion character). 

She is going to be in a relationship with another chick and a melanistic barn owl. 

I don't know jack about her save that she's a cutie with long white hair who's kind of shy and likes piercings. 

Be sure to check out:

As far as I know, Valcons are exclusive to AAA and are intended to be kept that way:…
Ghasty Bust by Star-Rice
Ghasty Bust
Was streaming. First art I've done in.... quite a while. 

Half of me wishes Ghasty wasn't such a pain character on the surface, but it does bring in the challenge of making the art interesting without much else to go on. One day I'll do a pic of him with his mouth and eyes open :) maybe It'll be more than a bust and I can show off his glowy rib gill things. And his other set of tentacles. 

And yes, he's a ghast like from Minecraft. 

Character designed with the AAA universe in mind:

PS - he isn't being overly sentimental, thats p much his resting face. His eyes constantly leak tears and despite his wild collar, he's usually a p nice and happy kid. Just don't uh, startle him. Please. 
One Last Chibi for Princess by Star-Rice
One Last Chibi for Princess
Last chibi for now, of Princess' Sunna. 

Character and user can be found here:

Original Character art (sunna right):…
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INDEED. So yes. Go check it out. If I ever get the need to post anything about anything (or even just general rebloggings) I will no doubt put it here and if see more and more reasons to use it (coughcoughpeoplcough) I might just use it all the time.

So yes, have fun. If anything, just stop by to see the banner, which I think is quite cute for how angry dear OC (owlcat XD) Zahid can be.

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